PH Design is a global creative agency founded by Pablo Hohenlohe providing services in product design as well as art direction, brand development and identity and graphic design, for luxury, retail and lifestyle brands.

In 1986 Pablo Hohenlohe started his career in Turin (Italy) as a car designer and gradually combined the automotive with a variety of industries.

It has always been Pablo´s belief that the opportunity of working on the widest possible variety of products is the right condition for an independent Design company in the modern all-encompassing sense of the world.

This exchange of ideas and technologies between different products and industries is a very strong stimulus and creates a storehouse of ideas and experience in addition to warding off the potentially dangerous frustration of working on a single product.

The projects we have worked on sweep from sports equipment to luxury luggage, from sunglasses to exclusive time pieces, applying the rigorous working methods and project management techniques used every day in the automotive sector.

Pablo Hohenlohe is also president of the Foundation Ducal House of Medinaceli, a private cultural institution established in 1978 with the aim of conserving, restoring, reintegrating, studying, promoting and disseminating the historic assets, both tangible and intangible, that have come to be linked to the House of Medinaceli over

“The goal of any designer is to create something that will endure the test of time.”

In order to make a design timeless, it has to be functional.

Dictionary defines timeless as: “Not being restricted to a particular time or date”

Is the ability to look beyond fashions and eccentricities of the moment focusing on human aspects so universal that expands through generations and cultures.

The one thing that remains timeless is the search for answers, the essence of human being is the reason for being. This is why functional design is so satisfactory.

Nothing created by nature is superfluous, everything is deliberated, all solutions are there for a reason. A plant or an animal doesn´t change its shape to adequate to a fashion imposed by someone, it´ll change through thousands of years to adequate to its way of life.

Human eye can distinguish between the essential and the superfluous and that’s why the beauty of each detail should serve one or more solutions making it a timeless creation.